1. Overview
  2. This term will base on legal basis and advantage of each party. All of member, units and individuals have obligation for reading, understanding while participating into Payota’s system.

    Payota’s system has default right that you agreed with all term of usage when you agree to participate into Payota’s system. In reverse case, If you do not agree with our term of usage, you also can not participate Payota’s system.

  3. Definition:
    1. Payota (Party A): A unit provides online payment services throughout the territory of Vietnam.
    2. Partner (Party B): Including individuals and units has demand of hiring the payment methods to serve the business purpose of individuals/units. Each partner will own one account on Payota’s system.
    3. Gross Revenue (symbol is DT): Total money amount that user paid for payment service (not included 10% VAT).
    4. Sharing Revenue (symbol is DTS): Money amount, which will be separated for each party. This kind have following fomular: DTS=DT*TLP.
    5. Revenue sharing percentage for Partner (symbol is TLP): The percentage that Party B is received. This one will be mentioned in detail agreement.
    6. Limited payment: The minimum revenue that Party B have to reach for having full condition in payment procedures. Payota require for minimum revenue is USD100.
    7. WTH (With Holding Tax): The tax will be regulated based on VietNam’s Law.
  4. Conditional for opening Payota’s account:
    1. Partner can be individuals or organizations, who are working outside or inside VietNam territory and have demand on using Payota’s system to setup payment system into owned products in VietNam.
    2. Declaration clearly full required informations from Payota. Payota’s operator will check these informations in order to ensure them can be used to: contact, payout, settle complain…
    3. Payota has right not acception opening account for the situation, which lack of correct informations that be required providing by Payota. Payota has right to check and using resuilt if Partner’s information is not true or it has been changed.
  5. Conditional for suitable product:
    1. Payota has right choosing the content of product before agreement Partner can integrate payment system into their product.
    2. Partner have to take full responsibility about all of legalty, copyright, license, quality, content of digital products that Partner provided out market. Payota do not have any responsibilities regarding to these digital products. Responsibilities above (unlimited) will including following terms:
      1. Commit fully responsible with law about owned business, trading, product, service, online transaction during using PAYOTA’s payment solutions.
      2. Not using PAYOTA’s payment services for products, services that violate copyright, intellectual property.
      3. Not Proposing about things against Socialist Republic of Viet Nam government…
      4. Unused contents or guide, to direct users to the page / media distort, slander, insult the reputation of the organization; honor and dignity of citizens.
      5. Not taking advantage of the brand, the image of PAYOTA to defame, denigrate competitors, advertising, propaganda, purchase and sale of goods / services as well as the list of prohibited acts perform unethical competition or contrary to the law provisions.
    3. If Partner violate one of regulations has been mentioned at 1.3 article, PAYOTA has right to block account, temporary holding revenue are in merchant’s account as well as providing necessary information for authorized administrations. In every situation, depending on violation level of each Partner, PAYOTA has right to block temporary or block eternal Partner’s account without any announcements.
    4. All purchasing activation must be showed according clearly way with user behavior accuracy function while user making payment. Not containing source code, hiding charging function or any charging action with not allowing of users.
  6. Condinations for Payout:
    Partner will be paid in case:
    1. Joined into Payota’s system.
    2. Get minimum balance in billing cycle.
    3. Not violation terms of contract according to the signed agreement between two parties.
    4. Declaration clear informations that PAYOTA required.
  7. Regulations about declaration and security information
    1. Information:
    2. Partner have to declare exactly all of information including: Sure name, Email, Phone number, Passport (People ID), Address, Business name, Business registration number:

      • For make sure Partner has ability access into PAYOTA’s system and using full function of system.
      • For make sure Partner will be fast got announcements related to Partner’s account, transactions.
      • For fastest resolving all of complain, dispute accuring in the transaction process at PAYOTA.
      • For responding one of conditionals when Partner send withdrawal requirement from Partner’s account.
    3. Partner’s Obligations:
      • Absolute privacy Partner’s information and Partner’s account information.
      • Not selling, Not providing Partner’s information for third units unless PAYOTA is required to provide these informations for Vietnamese administrations.
      • Coordinating and providing for Vietnamese administrations in case accuring dispute, complain or denounce acts of financial fraud and law violations.
      • Reporting full info to Partner when appearing impact, changing, update, out of date related to Partner’s information.
    4. Partner’s Obligations:
      • Declaration fully and clearly information of Partner and Partner’s account.
      • Usually update when arising changes about Partner’s information.
      • Absolute privacy own information, shound not exchange, should not lend account at PAYOTA.
      • Immediately report
      • Coordinating with PAYOTA and Vietnamese administrations in case accuring dispute, complain related to account.
      • Abiding all of regulation about safety and information privacy.
    5. When implement one transaction order on PAYOTA’s system, Partner has responsible clearly about transaction, which has been made by own Partner. PAYOTA will be not responsible for the faild of Partner.